To encourage a savings and investment culture in the country, the Government passed the long-term savings Bill in December, 2004. In order to actualize this laudable objective, it is critical to target the adult population as well as the youth in the country since they are the future of Ghana.

In the light of the foregoing, the Databank Group which is the premier investment bank in Ghana, in collaboration with Ghana Investment league initiated the formation of investment clubs in both tertiary and second cycle institutions. In Ghana. G.S.T.S. Investment club was formed in April 2006. The patrons are Miss Mable Wilson and Mr. Daniel Nti.


1.         To help students/members develop a habit of savings.

2.         To help students interested in pursuing a career in investment banking to develop relevant skills for the future.

3.         To help students gain and develop general knowledge in financial/capital market.

4.         To expose students to the principles of wealth creation through investment.

5.         To teach students the way to build capital for possible future entrepreneurial ventures.

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