Leadership international is a non-denominational club founded by Bishop Dag Heward-mills, a minister of the Gospel by calling. It was founded out of the realization of the following;

•    The world needs good leaders, full of integrity, honesty and moral rectitude.

•    The world needs leaders who have the fear of God and live exemplary and challenging lives.

•    Many young people have great leadership potential and talents which are often untapped.

L.I believes that mankind is lost without God and therefore upholds the truth of salvation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and takes the Bible as the word of God and Christianity as the first step towards leadership. It seeks to build young people into good, honest and upright leaders who fear God and are determined to make a difference in their world.

Aims and objectives of L.I. are;

■    Unearthing and enhancing leadership qualities latent in the youth.

■    Teaching the youth the principles of Christian faith.

■    Imparting to the youth both Biblical and secular leadership principles

■    Sharing the gospel with young people everywhere.

■    Bringing up the talent in the youth

The achievements of L.I. are as follows;

•    Organising outreach programs targeted at young people in the school.

•    Organising educational seminars and symposia on topics relevant to young people (e.g. talks on career guidance, money and immorality, leadership talks, time management, drug abuse, medical issues, etc.

•    Linking with other Christian youth organisations where possible to share ideas in order to complement each other.

•    Creating an environment for an effective teaching and counselling.

•    Creating of subgroups such as the drama group, the chorography and singing group.


Onesays L.I. and the response is, born to lead.

Patron: Rev Daniel Abed Crankson

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